Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I just read this story about a grandpa in South Dakota his grandson posted on Machinery Talk. I thought it was so good I would share it with you.

"So after my grandpa went home tonight I jumped in the tractor and was thinking i need to post this on agtalk.

Anyways I called grandpa to bring some parts out to the farm for the combine. He's been running grain cart for most of corn harvest. Keeping grain away from a 12 row head. I shall add he will be 88 here in month.

You can tell he's been liking getting out of the house and he asked me if i needed any help and I said no, (I just figured he can just go back home after the parts run) then I said unless you will run the ripper while i get the combine going and finish a couple patches. He said "sure." I said I am going to show you how to run the autosteer too, and he kind of chuckled and said no I don't think so.

So he gets out here while I was ripping and was pretty impressed with the autosteer, like he always is. So I said lets switch seats and just made a couple rounds with him. I showed him the resume button on the 8245 and he got that down. Then he noticed it was off a little bit the next round so I showed him how to shift the track 4 inches. HE HAD IT DOWN.

I thought it was just going to be too much for him, I've been frustrated enough with other people and trying to teach them but it wasn't bad. So I went and fixed the combine and kept an eye on him and he just went up and back for a few hours. I was just 1/4 mile away.

So i got done with the combine and said well did u just steer it like i said you could if you were having problems, and he laughed at me and said "ya right, I haven't the whole time." I was pretty impressed.

When he left he gave me a ride to my pickup and said well call me if you need help tomorrow. I called grandma after I knew he was home and asked her if grandpa told her about his day and she said "He walked in the door and didn't even say hi". He said "I had a lot of fun today."

Those were the first words out of his mouth. When she told me that, that made my day.

Here my grandpa his almost 88 and he helped me out huge today and still is able to say he had a lot of fun. It was one of those days. He is coolest most down to earth guy there is. What a man!"

Now that is the neatest story I have read about grandpa's in some time. You may have to watch us and worry about us some as we slip down our Golden Years but some grandpa's are so slick and sly they will surprise you!

My oldest grandson will be five next month and the stuff he comes up with, wow! I am blessed with four of the neatest little grandsons you could ever wish for. They are each unique and special in their own way, just like their dads and grandpa's.

Now those four little grand daughters, they will just melt your heart!

When we were coming home from the Brown County Fair after spending an evening with just Brynn, we were laughing so hard I could barely drive. Grandma said, Grandpa, you are a hoot.
Brynn latched onto that and must have said it 100 times. I won't forget that soon, just like the young farmer in South Dakota who took the time to share his story about his grandpa.



  1. Grandpas are special. I got to get to know one and one great grandpa. I don't know about you but I wish I could have know our grandpa. Dad said he was a very special man. I enjoy being a grandma to all 14 of my grandkids. They can all make you laugh so hard you almost cry sometimes but wouldn't miss it for the world. Have a good night and a better tomorrow. Loved the story.

  2. I agree Jackie. Of all my relatives, I don't know enough about Samuel B. Carrington to shake a stick at.