Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I wonder if today is the last warm day of the year? It is still over 80 degrees each day and its been this way for a long, long time with very few breaks.

The big news is the drought that Cincinnati is in. We are about 8 inches below normal rainfall for the year. We normally have over 32 inches of rain by this date of the year but this year we around 25 inches.

A year ago we were over 8 inches more than normal at this date but amazingly the crops weren't that much better than this year's. But we have used up all the precious stored subsoil moisture and we are going to need it replenished.

The big ag news is that Kip Cullers of Missouri, the world holder of the soybean yield record broke his own record this year. It said he produced over 160 bushels per acre, double my best yields and mine are double average yields. That's a lot of beans!

His is irrigated which really increases yields usually but no one has ever come close to those numbers no matter how you produce them.

I bet the guys on Crop Talk will cussing and discussing that news!


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