Friday, August 2, 2013

What Truck Do You Drive?

I saw this question on Machinery Talk and thought it would make a good blog.  Read the responses, some of them are awesome!  Some of these guys think like I do!

"Didn't really know where to post this.. figured this be the best spot.

I am currently driving a 2003 6.0 Ford F-250 diesel crew cab. I am finishing my last semester of school and looking for something different come December. I'm not necessarily looking for anything brand new.. just wanting something newer than what I got. I was just wondering what y'all are driving.. and if you had some pros and cons. I'm not necessarily looking for another diesel either. Thanks in advance, and looking forward to see the variety of answers."

My response was "Young man I drive a 2004 Dodge Dakota quad cab for scouting, got 24 mpg on the last tank full. 2002 4 door Silverado 6 liter, got 15 mpg on last tank full but I tinkered with both of them. I spend my money on farm inputs from land to lime and tile repairs.

The Silverado is my sick leave settlement from 31 years public service and I usually have 3000 lbs on it."

So, what truck do you drive?  Why?  I've never strayed from the 3 American brands over my lifetime even though some "foreign" trucks might actually be more American than mine have.

In retrospect I would love to have the money I've spent on trucks, repairs and fuel but I wouldn't trade the miles for it.  I did it all as cheaply as I could.  I try to keep depreciation below 10 cents per mile and have been able to do so.  It took some mechanic work to make that happen but it took a good, solid truck to even make it feasible.

I would love to have a new truck as much as anyone but I really need another 100 hp tractor right now so I am sort of shopping for one of those instead.  That also would make a good blog since so many people are looking for the same thing.

I spent the day in a 2001 Duramax with nearly 200,000 miles on it so it's good to see my children have the same values.

More about today another day.

Ed Winkle


  1. I drive a 2007 Toyota Tundra Crew Max that I bought new. If it lasts 28 years, like my old GMC, I figure I'll have gotten my money's worth. Wish it was diesel, though, so I could rig it up for fry oil!

  2. The trucks are a 1971 IH 1210 and the new one,a 1999 7.3d F250SD. The car is a 1972 MB220d. All have somewhere at least 170,000 miles on them and all are in good shape.

    1. And yes, I'm looking for a bigger tractor.

  3. I like shiney paint....

    2011 f350 power stroke 4dr dually - bought used under kbb value plus lots of chrome.

    2002 f350 power stole 4dr dually with bale bed

    1966 mustang ---kid was selling it cheap and my wife and I had the cash to pay for it.

    379exhd Pete for the grain/fertizer trailer with the chromed out dash...

    379 Pete dump truck, chromed dash but needs a paint job/ has been a project truck.

    All of them were paid for he say I drove em home.

    My wife was forced to get a different vehicle, her 01 piña tic sunfire had the cab smashed in by the neighbors combine during wheat harvest when she was parked in the road bank and he Didnt take off the head.....totaled it....she had had it for 11 years.

    Found a used 2011 escape with 20000 mi with nothing fancy that she liked. Gonna try to get that paid off in the next 6-10 months.

  4. Interesting. Would like a small diesel pickup myself.

    "those miles add up Ed.

    I have put Two hundred thousand plus miles on many vehicles over the years.
    most of them purchased pre owned.

    Ed, you remember the 1998 Durango I drove to 290,000 miles.
    and a good friend is still driving the well maintained Dodge.

    but this 2012 f150 with the 6.2 big block is doing the job for now.

    and I purchased this one new.

    after I traded in a two thousand ten Tundra.
    with app. ninety thou. miles on it."