Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Holy Cow, What A Haul!

I am trying to catch up from our trip to Alaska and found this buried in the bottom of my Facebook pages.  Holy Cow, What A Haul!  I notice the garden is looking a little ragged in this picture but the little girl and produce speak for themselves.  This much produce has been taken out many times this summer.

I sure wish I could have been there to help Katherine pick and talk about crops.  Papaw loves to talk about crops and loves to talk to kids!

We are blessed with 12 beautiful grand children.  I find myself asking now how old is this one, when is their birthday?  Ariana will be two years old Saturday, we almost got a September birthday with her.  We have so many birthdays in August from two of my children to three grandchildren now.

What you see in the picture is a fraction of what our 40 by 60 garden has produced so far.  We are way over 1000 pounds and a 1000 dollars return so far.  We just put up another ten pounds of sweet corn last night.  The best thing is I know exactly where the seed came from and exactly how this food was grown. There is no commercial fertilizer applied, just what the radishes took up. You can't get any better than that!

It's time to get these kids into our HyMark Master Gardener program as grandma and grandpa need help!  If we can get it planted timely and in good condition, and keep those blessed weeds out for a month, this is what you get!  I call this our radish garden and there are baby radishes starting in it right now as the crop is senescing or reaching its maturity.  Those big tubers we grew last fall are what made this garden what it is today.

If you need help with feeding your garden, just ask.  Our email is always open and I think most of you know that mine is edwinkle at cinci.rr.com now as we left Frontier and that old email address is gone.  It is still floating around in many of your address books so delete the old one and put the new one if you like!  I have an account at Midwest Labs, 11085, and if you use Midwest to send your soil and tissue tests in I can help you fine tune your program.  We have a few years of experience here if you want to tap into it!

I have to thank all of my mentors who keep me on track, challenged and thinking.  We all need mentors and I figure I have the best in the whole wide world!  The job of passing it on is never ending and I enjoy it all.  I am waiting for two mentors to come visit from Iowa and Minnesota right now.

That's why I try to write a blog every day and still enjoy growing gardens and fields and talking to those who do.

Ed Winkle


  1. Mentoring can lead to synergy.

    Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects.

    It works with groups of people to get a better outcome and it also works in the soil. We apply a mix of multiple elements for fertilizer and we got a GREATER yield with the balanced mix.

  2. Synergy has created all of the good things in my life, Brad. Hard work and study and seeking out good people who are willing to help have led me to a life one could barely imagine. Synergy multiplies in blessings!

    Thank you, Lord!

    Ed Winkle