Thursday, August 29, 2013

$800 Cruise

We usually take a trip in August and we were running out of time.  I offered to swing by LuAnn's mother's place on the way to Quebec.  Those farmers came to visit me a few years ago and invited us up to their farms.  We have friends in West Bend Wisconsin we've been wanted to visit since they have been to our house.  We could go to the Upper Peninsula on the way which we also like.

LuAnn said that sounds too much like work and we've worked hard since February.  She got on Norwegian Cruise Lines and found a balcony cabin to Alaska for $800.  I forced my credit card into her hand.  In an hour, we had the trip all set up.

Our first trip to our 49th state was this time in 2009.  It was a very special and memorable trip and just the thought of it made me jump at the chance to do it again.  It's the perfect time to visit Alaska temperature and I think beauty wise, too.  This time she wants to hire a float plane to go look for Grizzly's.  I asked, are you sure?  The last time we were in a single engine plane I thought she was going to throw me out the door of it.  Our pilot friend asked if we wanted to see anything else and I said "swing down over mom's farm 20 miles away."  I didn't know she was sick in the back seat but I quickly found out!

It's been a very busy year and we are both ready to get away.  There is so much beauty in the world it is hard to stay home all the time but it's beautiful here, too.  Late summer and fall is special in the Midwest and I do love it.  It's pretty nice anywhere north of the equator this time of the year, too.  We will be closer to the Arctic circle and the North Pole and it's a great time to be there.  My friend Eddie the school counselor can have it the rest of the year!


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  1. Our $800 cruise soon became more expensive after laying out my credit card! Taxes, services, add-ons, air flights, and other things soon quadrupled the cost.

    I will say I trust the sailors at Norwegian, espcially when we met a farm couple from Illinois who's cruise ship became disabled and their trip cancelled.

    The food was as good as any cruise we've ever had and that is saying something. Norwegian gets an A plus on all accounts. They have 3 ships sailing the Alaskan coast line so they must be doing something right.

    The mix of people on this cruise was the most diverse I've ever seen. It looked like every age, color, and nationality was present on our ship.

    The old float planes made in the 50's with a GE 750 hp turbo prop land and take off without knowing you are on water. The old 450 hp Pratt and Whitneys are really noisey! They are both excellent bush planes.