Saturday, August 10, 2013

Almost Dinner Time

It won't be long until a few hundred people descend on our farm for Dinner in the Fields.  This morning we woke up to rain, fog, no tents, and no one working.  We got so jittery thinking about what if we were in charge, we went out for breakfast far away from the farm.  That was a good idea!

I found this cute little Kinze 2000 double framed planter on Cedric Surber's farm that will be auctioned off in two weeks.  There is a Winkle in the Surber family history somewhere.  The planter was sold new as a 38 inch corn planter with 19 inch soybean splitter rows.  It has two liquid tanks with a John Blue pump that would neat for putting down calcium nitrate beside the row.  Matt Winkle found it and it would make him a nice planter, too.

There are 4 Olivers selling too, if anyone is interested.  There is a 1755 diesel, 1750, 770 and 77 gas tractors.  You know how I like Oliver's.

When we got back from breakfast and scouting, the tent was up, the food was ready to put out and cook and the fires were going.  So we really didn't have any worries, this their fifth annual dinner and their volunteer crew know what they are doing.  I don't know where they are going to park 100 cars on this farmstead but I am not going to worry about it.  It rained 1.6 inches just north of us and 2.6 just south of us.  We got .4 so our sod is still pretty firm.  I hate ruts, especially if I have to mow over them.

There was Froggy Fisher I pulled against over 30 years ago.  There was Jeff Murphy, where Rich Werner kept his daughter's 4-H pigs.  The list of local people I've met and not seen in years goes on and on!

I am pleased my sister is coming from Gallia County and our 3 children and their families are coming as far away as Cleveland.  It is emotional to think where we came from and what our parents and grandparents would think of this.  I think we have accomplished a little of just what they dreamed of.  We don't take that lightly.

We thought about how hard they all worked to make a living farming without the technology we enjoy today.  LuAnn's family dug potatoes and my family raised livestock.  We come from long lines of very hard workers.

I need to go get some pictures for this blog and for our history but it is dark again like it is going to rain.  It is supposed to fair up by dinner time.



  1. And as the Sun Rises this Sunday AM.

    How are you Feeling Ed.

    I bet you were the best of all Host's


  2. Pretty humbled at God's Awesome power if we listen and pray. Feeling really hot and sweaty after picking another bucket full of Blue Lake green beans but very good. Got a picture to share of nine grandchildren on a couch and a new family surprise.

    If these green beans are representative of our soybeans and our family, watch out!