Sunday, August 11, 2013

Very Good Dinner

We had a very good dinner here on the farm Friday night with our city cousins.  Country folk and town folk alike enjoyed a good meal and good fellowship here on God's Farm where we are temporary caretakers.  The heavens cleared up and we had a beautiful, peaceful evening with no one getting stuck in our yard!

My sister was able to come from Gallia County and son Eric and family and Jack and Marsha from Grove City.  Four grandchildren were present thanks to their good parents.  I saw a fellow with an Oliver hat and of course we talked Oliver tractors.  He was from DeWitt Township, Clinton County, Michigan!  I was a big jealous of  his collection of 11 Oliver tractors.

Fred Ertel was raised next door and Roger Achor just up the road.  I got to tell a little history about the river boat captains in the Turner family who established these three farms here on the hill.

Doctors, lawyers, presidents, CEO's, family, friends and neighbors celebrated the American Farmer and his work to feed us all around the world.  It truly was a memorable night.  We even made front page of the Wilmington News Journal yesterday!

Leadership Clinton prepared marinated vegetables, tomato slices with cheese. relish trays and a great bean salad with corn chips to dip them with.  The main course was green beans cooked in huge pieces of ham over and open fire with potatoes, grilled sweet corn, Cole slaw and beef, chicken and pork.  Dessert was peaches and ice cream and a pie or cake if you bought one in the auction after dinner.  The cherry pie brought $310 and most brought $50. Some desserts were affordable at $5 and $10.  The auction raised $1900 alone for Leadership Clinton on top of the 250 people or so who paid $25 per plate for their home grown and home cooked meal.

I was recruited for Class 27 starting in September as Class 26 just graduated.  I probably should do it but I haven't decided yet.  OSU LEAD Class IV sent me on an adventure after graduation in 1993.  My class members are still some of my best, trusted friends.

We were happy to participate in such a fine event but honestly we are glad it is over!  I've never worked harder making the old place look as good as it does.  People appreciated our work so it was worth it.

Anything we as farmers can do to keep the world in touch with how their food is grown is worth it.

Ed Winkle

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