Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meals In The Fields

Finally, the big day is here.  Tomorrow we are hosting up to 300 folks we don't know for Leadership Clinton's Dinner In The Fields.  It came from the Dinner In The Field idea that started out west, I think California or Colorado.  I keep calling it Meal in the Field for some reason.

Actually I bet we do know a lot of these people, we just don't know who is coming yet.  The volunteers will be preparing beef, pork and chicken and all the side dishes from Clinton County production.  That is a neat concept in itself, talk about buying local!

It must have been a weak moment or too much pride when I convinced LuAnn we could do this.  This is the fifth annual event and they have been asking us to participate the last two years.  We finally succumbed to the offer.

I have to say the 1880 farmstead has never looked any better since we've lived here, although I still have 4 buildings that need paint.  The double rainfall of 2011 really took a toll on the paint and there is some green at the bottom.  The landscape is about as good as I can get it and take care of.  Thanks to Graham, Luke and all who have helped!

I wonder who we will meet on our farm?  I don't have up my sign yet that says, God's Farm, Temporary Caretakers so I guess I will have to say it verbally.  The gardens and grounds look pretty good but a few buildings and the paint could stand paint.  I just can't get that all done in one summer.

I am sure they will enjoy this place though just like we have.  Even if it's pouring down rain, it's a pretty cool place to live and meet.  Urban meets Rural tomorrow and we have done our best to make them welcome.

I turn this all over to you dear Lord as you are always in charge anyway.

Ed Winkle

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