Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ohio Agriculture

Ty Higgins at Ohio Country Journal put together a nice YouTube about Ohio Agriculture, Behind the Scenes.  Take a look at it and learn more about my home state.

LuAnn's brother Tom was amazed to learn we grow over 3 million acres of corn in our little state and even more soybeans.  As explained how I farm and the challenges we face as farmers, I saw two curious consumers interested in everything I told them from the cost of inputs to delivering a product that is used in most of the foods we all consume.

That old statement that Ohio had more prime farmland than any other state and to think about what happened to it still bugs me.  Ohio was a key state when Cincinnati was Porkopolis and still is in many ways.  I even explained how our state road is the old Chillicothe Pike when Cincinnati slaughtered hogs and brewed beer but our capitol was in Chillicothe because much our state was settle from the south first.  That's how my family got established here, for sure.

Ohio has since been a leading industrial and automotive state and now a rust belt state as that all passed away.  Agriculture never passed away and we still are a strong agricultural state.  The video helps show that.

Our state fair is on right now in Columbus and it used to showcase our strong agricultural roots.  Now, even it is just a glimpse of what we used to be as a few families gather to show livestock and the rest go for food and entertainment.

Ohio has never been an "I State" but it is 4 letters just like Iowa, both Native American names.  It's a good state and been a great home for the Winkle family.  Iowa is my favorite state because it's lay of the land and it's a very large agricultural state.  Ohio isn't too bad and it will have to do.

With grandchild number 12 coming soon, our roots are deeply anchored in Ohio.

Have you been to Ohio?  What is your impression of it?

Ed Winkle

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