Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Truer Words

"Truer words were never spoken." This piece was written as humor but it is so true it isn't funny.

WASHINGTON—Following Sunday’s pathetic excuse for an agreement on raising the government’s borrowing limit, Democrats and Republicans took time to celebrate the meager, ineffective deal, calling it “a testament to the not-so-great things that can happen in Washington when both parties barely come together and agree to not really accomplish anything.”

“It took months of phone calls, negotiations, and meetings, but finally we created a pretty sad version of a framework that, we’re happy to say, none of us is really proud of, and that doesn’t really do much to solve our country’s fiscal problems at all,” said House Speaker John Boehner, who gave a cheerful thumbs up and added that the sorry piece of legislation was expected to pass both houses of Congress with a really pitiful display of bipartisan support.

“Once again, Democrats and Republicans have demonstrated why our mangled, fractured, barely functioning democracy is the greatest in the world.” At press time, members of both parties were trying to explain to their supporters how the budget agreement could in any possible way be construed as a victory for them.

That pretty much says it all. I really wonder how long our economy can hold up in its condition before a major crash and total destruction of economy as we knew it.

We have lived this our entire lives and for me, looking back, it all changed when grandpa showed me the difference between a Silver Certificate and a Federal Reserve Note which was very early in my life. We have been operating on supply side economics now for over 50 years.

It feels like we are truly so fat, lazy and self centered as a country to live like we really should, from spending to daily routine. The way we live seems as a whole seems very dysfunctional to me.

Our elected leaders demonstrated that again to us this weekend and truer words were never spoken as in that little piece from the Onion in Western Iowa.

The government is us, you and me and I accept my responsibility.

Tomorrow we will discuss the government's latest hint of invasion into our lives, CDL licenses for farm tractor drivers.



  1. I like in the video how they say that federal employees have at least one and up to two spouses...

    At this stage, I doubt anything short of a revolution or global protest would be able to change anything.
    The 2 parties seem to be locked in place for life, the electoral system protects them, they protect their own interests, the private sector and lobbies support them, regardless of which party, and so on.

    The U.S. don't need to change and evolve, they vitally need to totally reinvent the country.

  2. I didn't catch that, thanks for pointing that out. Unfortunately I agree on your synopsis that it's going to take a revolution or revolt or disaster to make any prudent changes.