Friday, August 12, 2011


I personally thank the vendor who put the doggy dish of water out for our 4 legged friends at the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show, just of SR 125 west of Georgetown, Ohio. Sable and all her friends thanks you, too.

We had a surprise visit from Perry and Sarah Black, ridge and notillers form Barnum, Iowa yesterday. We tried to talk them into to going with us but they had to head on west to home in Iowa from Washington D.C.

Perry gave me the best compliment on my beans, he said it was the best field he saw all along the way on I-70 east or back this way on US 50. Of course we talked crops and notill A LOT, but we had good chats on family and country.

We have a lot of commonality on our life's paths and we enjoy talking about how we have worked our way through it. We met them on the Roach Ag Crusin' the Markets trip to Panama in January. There were 200 good farm families on that trip and it was great to visit again with one of them.

Perry was very interested in my acidifying water for herbicide and insecticide and the corn syrup, boron and manganese. I showed him new growth that was sprayed the combo versus beans that had not. The not sprays are more yellow, the sprayed is green and healthy.

Thankfully Brad caught the main hose hole coming loose on the bottom of the Rogator and avoid a big spill mess and waste of money. Always check your equipment, twice! 800 gallons of mix would have been about 3 grand down the hole and Lord knows how many dead beans where it was sitting.

It's beautiful weather for any outdoor activity like the big picnic at Cowan Lake tomorrow. I hope the weather stays for the three big field days next week, corn growers at Washington Court House, Dave Brandt's and Coshocton Hydrologic station. It's going to be another busy week!


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