Friday, August 5, 2011


I have been to so many doctors this year I got to thinking about all my doctors.

Part or most of Sardinia was built out of the old Bare Plantation our family has farmed since 1918, The Sardinia Medical Clinic was built just a few steps east of the old house and was the major medical center for that region for many years.

When I was little, it was run by Dr. Maly and Dr. Hampton who lived on either side of the clinic and later Dr. Hannah who lived just outside of town. I went to school with the Hampton and Hannah kids and my cousin went to school with Dr. Maly's daughter. Her mother, my aunt was a nurse there most of her life.

They were good doctors and took care of all our aches and pains and dents and scratches. We were very good friends. They even hired me to shovel snow and to help a company route all the wire through the building for their new alarm system in the late 60's. They are all gone now and the building is the Sardinia government building.

I doctored with them until I moved to Blanchester and I started docting with Dr. LaRuffa and then his daughter. When I started working in Lebanon there was Dr. Horsely next door so I doctored with him until I retired from teaching and doctor with Dr. Steven Weber in Blanchester. He is a great guy and serves our family well.

Dr. Roy Rogers was my dentist, then Dr. Babey in Mt. Orab, Lebanon Denistry where I got my gold inlays, and now Dr. Steinle in Wilmington. Cliff is a real country doc and we talked about farming and wildlife all the time as he is an avid hunter.

Dr. Richard Kerstine did pioneering eye surgery on me in 1976 when I lost my retina and went blind. Keith Bednarczuk found a misdagnosis on my astimatism and got rid of my headaches in the 80's and is still our optometrist and has the training of an opthomologist. He will be that until one of us passes on and is the best in his field.

Now Dr. Osher who trained under Dr. Kerstine is my opthomologist and is probably one of the top ten in the world and is a teacher of teacher but difficult to get an appointment with.

Dr. Albino is my chiropractic health doctor and Dr. Mehnert is my foot doctor, both from New York. It's time to go visit Dr. Albino right now.

My doctors have kept me going all these years and I wouldn't know where I would be or even be alive without them.

I have been blessed with many good doctors over my life. If I had went for my PhD maybe I could be Dr. NoTill or Dr. Inoculant or something. I was able to help a farmer start notill in New Zealand. That's a picture of his notill corn I took last year.

No one loves going to their medical doctor but I don't know where I would be without mine


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