Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Around here about the only act in groceries is Kroger. They have run everyone else out of town. There is a SavALot, a SackAndSave and an Aldi's and that's it. Don't even mention WalMart groceries to me.

Since I was able to convince Sable she had to stay and watch the place this morning I went Krogering as we call it, like their jingle on their commercials. I got more for $57 than I have in a long time.

I do buy a lot of managers specials though and probably half were today. A half gallon of grapefruit juice for a buck and a quarter! Angus chuck burgers for $4. I can't grow 'em for that. Even my favorite trail mix was on sale.

The rain and cooler weather has improved everyone's spirit that I meet. I would hate to be on vacation today because I would spend a lot of money being somewhere with no prettier weather than we have right here today.

One neighbor is putting tile in a poorly drained, flat 100 ac or so, and I have been watching closely. He will have a pile of money in that farm but now he can produce a lot more crop on that farm. I have 120 ac just up the road I would love to tile and dump into the same drainage system.

But first I need to fix the tile I have and open up a ditch in the wettest part I had hoped I would have had done by now but never got it done last fall, darn it. I did get the lime on though and the beans on that farm really show it. Nothing like drainage and balanced fertility for high yield crops.

I have a lot of trees to push out on that farm yet, they are eating up too much of the sunshine and nutrients on that farm. Rome wasn't built in a day they say and this farm won't improve much faster.

I am jealous of that tile job though just a little...

I see today the government got 1700 responses to new regulation for agriculture so they decided they better leave us alone for now.


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