Sunday, August 21, 2011

Know It All

I had a great week travelling to different parts of our state for agricultural field days. But one of them made me think. I got to thinking about being called an expert versus being a "know it all."

Like most teachers and farmers I know, I am a lifelong lerner. I have spent more hours in the classroom that I would like to admit. 7 hours a day or so for nearly 50 years. Most of those I had to be the director of learning rather than the receiver of learning. When do you become a know it all?

My personality and career could lead me to be considered a know it all by many people and that would not be complimentary coming from some of them. Teachers are prime candidates for know it all disease.

We can become non-listners and even answer your statement or question before you have a chance to get it out. That's really bad. That's know it already disease. I am guilty of that. I think I know what you are going to say before you say it and sometimes I do but you deserve the courtesy of getting your point out on the floor.

Lately I have noticed more and more God speaking to me through other people. The more I listen on things I don't know and things I think I know make be a better learner and hopefully a better teacher when I get the chance to explain it.

We enjoyed Brynne's fifth birtday party Friday night. Kevin told a good one on her. He said they were driving home through Midland and Brynnie asked, Daddy, is this China? He laughed and said no, this is Midland. (around here it earned the name of Methland and CPS quit stocking anhydrous ammonia fertilizer there) Then she asked, well, do they talk funny here? I would have cracked up and probaby said, yes, they do speak a little differently here!

Be careful of know it all disease in yourself and those you talk to.

It's a deadly disease that kills communication.


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