Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Precious Rain

I can already tell you this year is going to be better than last year. Maybe not by much but it IS going to be better.

We got a storm last that really helped the crops. Spatial Rainfall Consulting says:

Latitude: 39.326331
Longitude: -83.831348
state: OH

The closest NEXRAD cell centroid to you is 513701 at a distance of 1.79946637176 km.

Summary of Rainfall from NEXRADDate Rainfall (in)
08/01/2011 0.00
08/02/2011 0.00
08/03/2011 0.09
08/04/2011 0
08/05/2011 0.00
08/06/2011 0.00
08/07/2011 0.41
08/08/2011 0.51
08/09/2011 1.89
Total 2.9

That was one of those million dollar rains we talk about. That rain gave us enough water to start filling pods and kernals. We never got that last August, nor September, nor most of July. The crop had to finish on its own, whatever it could find in the subsoil.

I could see double crop soybeans being 10 bushels better and corn and soybeans 10-20% better just from this rain. The best thing is the pattern we are in now. We have a better chance for rain unlike last year. Last year the drought set in and wouldn't let go.

So you are talking to one happy camper today and bet there are a lot of us out there. Now those little ethanol plants have some water to work with in cooler temperatures!

Production should be up!


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