Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lynchburg Farm and Feed

This summer has been interesting visiting various stores seeking donations for our church festival silent auction this Sunday. It's given me the opportunity to learn more about the people and the businesses I deal with and don't deal with.

The other day I was finishing my soybean flower inspection for Ohio Seed Improvement and Bobby Young was bush hogging the field across the road. I have known Bob since we moved into his dad's Sears and Roebuck house on Canada Road in 1983. Bob is named after his dad and was raised in that house we lived in for four years.

He mentioned being busy at their feed store so I inquired about it and Sable and I paid a visit today. I didn't know they had a protective little pug inside but Sable and I found out in a hurry! No damage done and I put her in the Dakota.

They have a nice little farm and feed store for all of us country and town folks. They have garden tools, farm tools and all kinds of feed. They have some neat birdhouses built by a local man with all kinds of animal shapes. They donated a raccoon bird house for the silent auction but Dawn wouldn't give up the moose bird house. I told her LuAnn loves moose and we hoped to get some pictures of some close up. I had to tell her the Bull Winkle and Bow Winkle story I have told very few people.

I drive by their store after banking at Liberty Savings Bank in Lynchburg and their store is on Panhandle and SR 134 north of town, on my way to the new farm on Horseshoe Road.

They told me they opened in March of 2010 so they have made it over the one year hump so many businesses fail in. I hope they make it. I like little stores and friendly people and I sure believe in entrepreneurism.

If you are ever in Lynchburg, Ohio, stop in and say Hi!


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