Monday, June 27, 2011

What Sable Sees

Sable has become a pretty close friend. That dog knows my habits better than anyone else as she spends more time with me than anyone else.

This picture gives you an idea of what she does with me. She's looking across the wheat, for wildlife or anything or anyone who comes in sounds, smell or vision. Of course she has uncanny senses and could pick up my scent anywhere.

In a little bit I will get her up and feed her daily dose of one quart of Purina Beneful which she seems to like and do well on. Beneful contains Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal1, corn gluten meal, whole wheat flour, beef tallow, rice flour, beef soy flour, and sugar.

She's a healthy 77 pounds with little fat and as agile a dog as I have ever owned. She is part kangaroo though, you know. She can leap off those strong back legs like no dog I've known.

She has been smiling a lot lately so I know she's pretty happy. We say she won the dog lottery as she has it "made in the shade with a cool lemonade" as I like to say around here. Spoiled? Of course she is, but she earns her keep as a terrific watch dog.

She watches everything. From my windshield, to hanging out the window, to surveying the farm, she watches everything. I would feel sorry for anyone who tried to become between her and I.

It wouldn't be pretty like she is in this picture.



  1. Other than Jesus, a dog is the best friend you'll ever have.

  2. Sable's problem is me. I have never had the time to train a dog like I have her and I have learned more about training her than her instincts changed learning how to adopt to me.

    I instilled some bad habits which I have tried to retrain and she is probably done a better job than I have.

    I was encouraged to teach her how to go places with me which is a two edged sword as many of the places I go has a dog that is not trained and she is supposed to behave where the other dog isn't. So I choose our trips carefully and end up leaving her home too much which she is dealing with much better than she did the past two years.

    She is waiting outside my window right now to go scout crops or whatever I am going to do today!