Friday, June 17, 2011

The Fling Barn

We got to visit the Fling Barn last evening. The Highland County Chamber of Commerce had their annual meeting "down on the farm" instead of inside Southern State's gymnasium. What a change for the better!

The Fling's south of Hillsboro are 4th generation farmers trying to hang onto the farm by getting into the farm recreation or farm amusement type business. I wouldn't want the work and responsibility but our farm would make a good place to visit, too. We get lots of compliments and interest in it.

The meeting was short and too the point. The treasurer's report was something like we are in the black, we have money in the bank, we are able to pay our obligations and we will be in business another year. I love reports like that!

The highlight of the meeting was when the Vice President of PAS announced the expansion of jobs in their company to repair jet engines. 30 new jobs are being filled right now and they have a good lead on making that 130 in phase II and possible a phase III. When he got to that point, a horse I called Mr. Ed, an arm length's away in the barn from the podium in the tent he was speaking from, brayed a big long whinney like "that is BS we will believe it when we see it!"

Everyone cracked up but the poor guy about jumped out of his shoes and kept asking who put that horse up to that! You couldn't have planned or timed that if you tried but it would be a You Tube favorite. It was really funny.

Everyone was dressed comfortably and really enjoyed the beautiful evening even with the threat of rain. That threat didn't dampen any spirits, I can tell you that.

The caterer's in the county was in another tent and put on a really good spread from pulled pork to deserts too beautiful to eat. I had to hold my plastic plate with both hands so it wouldn't break or fold in the middle:). I still don't have my appetite under control.

The barn lies in a beautiful valley south of Hillsboro on Berrysville Road near the Adam's County line. We have a hog roast to attend a week from tonight so we can do this all again with a different crowd.

It's wet enough not to be able to cut barley or side dress corn. Les cut three semi loads last night and the test weight is down to 42-44 lbs and yields from 30 to 130 across the field. I think the 30's are yelling for tile drainage. Test weights in Pennsylvania are even worse though.

I have a job to do there next month in 3 western counties.


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