Friday, June 24, 2011


Today I am going to discuss a subject people don't often talk about. Number one it involves the male body and number two no one likes to talk about private things unless it's serious or used in a joke.

It's the male prostate gland often confused with the word prostrate or meaning to stand up. I guess that's a joke in itself!

I had my first visit with a urologist this morning. My normal PSA level elevated slightly over the year so my doctor and I agreed it was time to visit a specialist.

Prostate health issues not only affect men, but also their families and their sense of well being.

The Question of Prostate Health
Many people take their health for granted, only worrying about their body when things don’t seem to be going right. Men are often the last ones to worry about their health problems and many avoid the doctor until something is significantly wrong. Prostate health might be the furthest thing from a man’s mind, until a prostate growth occurs or some other issues comes to light. But the earlier these issues are spotted, the better for the man. This can keep people from having to go through further health issues and being forced into assisted living situations.

Benign Prostate Problems Need Treatment
The good news is that most prostate issues are generally benign. Once a man learns how the prostate works, they can begin to understand what is supposed to happen during urination and ejaculation and what is not supposed to happen. Keeping a journal or a mental diary of problems will help a man to see when things are going wrong. If a problem persists for several weeks, it’s a good idea to see a doctor, even if the man is certain it’s not cancer. Impotence and other issues can be remedied almost immediately with medication.

Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, often occurring in very young men in their twenties and thirties. But while this is a common cancer, it may not be diagnosed right away since many of the symptoms can seem to be normal – troubles with ejaculation, urination issues, etc. Just like women, men are afraid of having to deal with cancer, but they might not realize that treatment can be simpler than they think. Some prostate cancers can be found at such early stages that many doctors don’t even treat them. A man might simply need to continue regular screenings, but then they will not be have to consider surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation unless the prostate growth becomes larger.

Maintaining Prostate Health
As with any part of the body, the better care a person takes of their health, the lower their risk of health troubles. Prostate cancer and other issues are more likely in men who are overweight or who have a family history of the diseases, so it stands to reason that the better a man treats their body, the more likely they are to be healthy.

By taking the time to prepare healthy meals, to exercise, and to begin to cut back on stress, men of all ages can ensure their bodies are as healthy as possible. Even with a diagnosis of prostate cancer, they might find they are able to not only fight the cancer, but win the battle quite easily.

The Long Term Prognosis
With proper treatment, prostate problems can be treated and cured. Most cases of prostate cancer are able to be cured without recurrence. Though some men will face other cancers in their lives, prostate cancer, when caught and treated early, has one of the highest success rates.

Prostate issues are able to be treated and cured with the help of a qualified physician. Men who were once afraid of their doctor should not have this fear anymore. Even with a diagnosis they did not expect, the prognosis is good."

My dad had prostate cancer so I am aware of these thing and doing all I can to avoid it and treat it when it comes. Early diagnosis is key to treatment of any disease but prevention with good health is the very best thing we can do.



  1. Ed, you ruined my breakfast with this post yesterday morning! The penis diagram put me off my feed...

  2. Ha, that is a good one. Sorry for the serious subject but watched too many farmers let it go too far...