Sunday, June 5, 2011

Marker Magic

Today we met an artist who uses magic markers. He uses them to make Marker Magic. It is hard to believe you could paint like he does with magic markers.

Michael Morris retired yesterday after 37 years of public education as middle school physical education teacher at Waynesfield, Ohio. Now he can pursue his art full time. We laughed about the christian mission of being a teacher and the weight lifted off your shoulders when you finally give it up.

Michael hadn't drawn or painted since 1971 when his guard unit was called up for Desert Storm. He had some "down time" and started doodling again.

When he finished his mission he and his wife built a new house and his wife said they needed some art for it so they should go down to the furniture store and pick something up.

If you look at his work you can see he could never stand to have that stuff hanging in his house so his artistic talent was rekindled.

Today he has all the time in the world to paint with magic markers. We laughed about that too.

Life goes even faster after you retire from a career like teaching.

I would guess his students were very lucky to have him as their phys ed teacher.

Baxter Black reminded me of my career when his last episode on US Farm Report this weekend featured what his ag teacher had done for him.

I hope you had or have a career like Michael and I did.


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