Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22

Today was a good day. It was our tenth wedding anniversary.

Over ten years we have lived the ups and downs of life. We saw graduations, marriages, birth of grandchildren, sickness and health but it was all good. I wouldn't appreciate the good without some trials along the way.

Some of the best days was watching our crops grow, watching our children grow, watching their children grow. We are blessed with good children with really good values. I am humbly proud of the decisions they have made, knowing what we do and what we have done has had a strong impact on who they are.

Our travels has been a real blessing, too. Camping all over the United States and Canada we have seen some of God's great creations and met a lot of good people along the way. I can't really pick one over another but the farm states and the National Parks are among my favorites.

Then we got those special trips to Alaska, every island in the Carribean, several countries in Europe and New Zealand. I really like Europe and New Zealand and we visited places we could call home on both continents.

It's been a really good ten years together and I thank God for sending me LuAnn so we could scheme and dream and actually live out those dreams together. It is amazing what two people can do together.

For a farmer I think it was really neat we got married on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Everything is green and growing in North America on this date and today was no exception.

I can only hope for another ten or twenty years, whatever God grants us but just thankful for today.



  1. Most of all I thank you, LuAnn.

  2. "Wasn't able to comment on your blog, don't what i am doing wrong, so thought i would send you an e-mail instead. Congrats on your anniversary ! What a great example of " running the race to win !". Hope the weather is improving in Ohio, we have received 10 inches from the 18th thru the 20th ! The last was 3.8" with a tornado in fremont, don't need anymore of that. Love the blog and the pics. Nebraska P.S. Can't wait for Big Ten Football, hope we don't get hammered to bad."