Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Middle of June!

Can you believe it's the middle of June already, the month is half over and the year is almost half gone! The summer solstice is here at 1:16 PM Tuesday June 21 and the crops aren't one third the size they were a year ago.

Boy do the crops show the late planting, Martinsville must have the smallest crops in the county. I saw some good corn on Antioch Road from Highland to Wilmington this morning. We surely had more rain than they did though our ground is hilly it doesn't drain any faster than there slightly rolling to flat fields do.

I think we have a decent stand planted the first week of June put some of those earlier plantings are spotty. I see a lot of farmers have the same problem.

I tried to plant sweet corn yesterday and hurt so bad I went to the doctor and chiropractor. The doctor put me on Naproxen Sodium and my back was so stiff my chiropractor couldn't even adjust me. This morning my pain is almost gone, just that ring finger is still swollen. It was like a miracle drug on just one pill!

I have plenty of health problems to go around but at least my blood pressure was 110/64. They say that's pretty good for a guy my age. How is yours? Don't let it get out of hand like I did 3 years ago. Nip it in the bud as they say.

I met a man who is only one of 200 cases of a rare cancer that was found shortly after he lost his wife to cancer. It was isolated as leukocyte 6 and he signed up for an experimental chemotherapy that only attacks that gene. He has no side effects. He is the only living survivor living so I count myself as very blessed.

LuAnn got her new yogurt maker this week and it became a "kitchen disaster." She forgot a put a Pyrex measuring cup on the stove like I did last year to heat the milk up to 180 degrees and of course furing the cool down process it exploded. When I got home I saw the kitchen was sparkling clean and no yogurt maker turned on full of milk and culture.

One of my distant cousins just delivered a load of 26% UAN or Urea Ammonium Nitrate to sidedress corn here. My friends out west say the supply has dried up and watch out for supply and price.

The crop markets are taking profits and the senate is voting on the ethanol tax and that is enough to send markets down.

That's all I have for today. Talk to you tomorrow.


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