Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Really Did Pass

I got my letter back from the Ohio Department of Agriculture that said I failed the core exam that tests a custom operator on their basic pesticide application knowledge.

I thought wow, I have forgot more than I thought I did. Then I looked closer and I only got 8 questions of 50. But wait a minute, I took 90 questions, not 50. I figured it was some crazy scoring method and maybe I was as old and dumb as I act somedays.

I received a national award for teaching pesticides to applicators in the 90's, had I really forgotten that much?

So I emailed the lady who administered the test and asked about my score. Whoops, they owed me a big apology. The person who scanned the answer sheet compared my to the private applicator answers, not the commercial one I took.

I have plenty of glyphosate and AMS on hand but no Gramoxone. Wherever Gramoxone was sprayed this week, the cover was fried by the next day.

So, I did pass. Now I have to go through the hassle of explaining this today as I need some Gramoxone to fry some headed out cover crop. I hope it isn't too much of a hassle as it turns out I did pass, I really did pass the exam.

It's a beautiful late spring, early summer morning here with warm temperatures, moist soil and low humidity. It's a month or two late but we will take it.

What a crazy year, for sure. I am suprised of the lack of farm activity in this region with beautiful dry weather for once so I am convinced there is going to be one heck of a lot of Preventive Planting fields in this area and I bet that area is going to be a surprise to the market place once they figure it out.

I hope we don't get prices so high we cut off our demand for our commodities but I wouldn't be surprised if this happens.

The next time you fail an exam and you think you should have passed it, ask them to rescore it.



  1. I wish i would have taken my test 20 years ago. I don't like spraying and figured if I didn't take the test Dad wouldn't make me spray. This was correct but not a farsighted program. Now that I'm older I seem to have too short an attention span to concentrate on a test and so I really avoid them.
    I also need to take my A/C certification test which is actually open book but I keep putting it off!
    I hate paperwork.
    I'm going to go stare at a potential cornfield and see if that will make it dry out.

  2. I wish I would have gotten this advice when I was in college, Ed! Wait...for me in that case, it wouldn't have mattered! Ha!

    Glad you're "legal" now!

  3. It's not that difficult although I did fail the agronomic pest portion without studying but the core and weeds is second nature to me. I am willing to help anyone who wants to pass the test, just email me.