Friday, June 10, 2011


A farmer posted this picture of 3 colors of tractors he caught in one field. Everyone agreed it's a great picture that shows a lot of diversity in one farm operation. They sure aren't color blind!

It's easy to be color blind about machinery. Many tend to favor the colors they grew up on which is meadow green for me, the color of the long defunct Oliver Corporation. I've had to accept silver grey, red and orange over the years since my beloved green hasn't been produced for 35 years. The only "green" we have is a notill drill besides my collection of 3 antique classic tractors.

That green could have been Great Plains green but never quite bought one. I have come close but never owned one. They are pretty rare in this part of the woods.

It's time for LuAnn to enter her pictures in the Clinton County Fair Photography exhibits as the fair is right around the corner. This picture reminded me.

There is one category for local structures and we never really found one that stands out. We figured everyone would enter the famous covered bridge by our house or the many new barn quilts in the county, both of which we have. We tried to find something unique like the old schools or churches and the setting and scenery isn't as good as the bridge or the barns.

I don't know what she will enter, maybe she won't even enter that category but I encouraged her to as she has some great pictures. I figured out we would need a boom truck to get a good picture of our barn quilt without the electric wires in it, the touch up software just doesn't do it justice. So many great pictures are ruined with wires that carry the electricity we depend on.

There are a few thunderstorms close by and here is wishing a good one covers all our fields.

I told you farmers would be praying for rain after 25 inches in two months!


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