Saturday, June 18, 2011

News and Notes

I am glad my friends at USPS weren't working at this Post Office when this poor old lady hit the gas instead of the brakes.

Got a call from Tyler's dad this morning and they are making a visit here in a few hours. Tyler has outgrown his bed and his shoes so they can hit the outlet mall and pick up the bed frame after while. Maybe I can talk dad into helping me get the Mule running when they visit?

I hate to impose on visitors but I am behind on my spraying around fields and barnyards. I have a big patch of Canadian thistle in the CRP waterway in my wheat field behind the house. They are in flower and ripe for a good shot of glyphosate or Round Up as most of you know it.

We had a nice visit with our lady Episcopal priest friend and husband in Hillsboro last night. Pork loin, home made biscuits and white gravy, you don't get that every day!

It looks like rain and we are trying to cut barley so we can get to the wheat. I need a few more soybeans and my seed man is out of the 3.9 LL I planted and only had a 3.4 left over. That is too early for double cropping here as soybeans are different than corn maturity. The longer the season bean, the harder they flower before harvest so he found a 4.0-4.1 LL that sounds better for my double cropping needs.

I want spread 100 lbs of ammonium sulfate on all my wheat and barley straw besides other fertilizers and I am finding everyone is out and the price has doubled if they buy more! It is a by product of the steel industry and probably won't be available much until this fall, if at all.

The eye doctor said my eyes haven't changed much in a year so that was good news. My family doctor called and said my cholesterol was 140 so that is really good news. A year ago was the first time it had been under 200 in a long, long time and I still don't see how I got it that low. I guess I eat more good stuff than I think I do. I sure eat a lot of fruit and cereal.

Sable got her big dose of shots at the vet. It was like last year, he said she is beautiful, very healthy, very obedient and smart, that will be $177 please! Gee that is more than I paid on myself this week but I know there will be bills in the mail after all these visits. Sable is a healty 77 pounds, solid muscle and no fat.

The mail lady gave her the best compliment. She said remember when you were working in the garden yesterday? She said I pulled up to the mailbox and she looked over at me and looked back and you and decided you were more important than another dog biscuit! That made me smile. Sable is my legs now when it comes to running and really handy when scouting fields.

I better go pay some bills and get ready for a visit, so have a great weekend!



  1. Your mention of Hillsboro in your last couple of posts caused me to remember my good friend Marion Hartman who passed away a few years ago. He was a great leader for the Corn Growers both in Ohio and on the national level. Learned alot from him.

    Ron Swanson

  2. Yes, Marion was a good guy Ron. A former student and two other friends died this week. Lots of good dads are gone for Father's Day so I have to be thankful just to be here!