Monday, June 14, 2010

Wolf Dog

We had a very good quilt barn weekend. We had some rain, we had some heat, we had lots of sunshine and we had a good time.

The interaction between Sable and all the visitors was very interesting. It got too hectic to pay attention to all involved some times and we just put her in her crate. She was outside 90% of the time.

One lady commented on her wolf like appearance. I had to look that up. Yep sure enough, all dogs have a little wolf in them, it just depends how far away the genetic link is in generations.

The German Shepherd is one of the closest relatives to the wolf. When the German captain rounded up the best sheep dogs in Europe for breeding his new breed last century, they were closer related to wolves. His prize number one stud was Hektor who was one quarter wolf.

The breed is only one hundred years old and has been named the most popular breed in many circles. Sable is beautiful and she always gets attention. Your first reaction her is friend or foe? She licked the sheep and licked the children but she has to get to know you a little first. If you try to lure her she goes the other way.

She has become quite a close friend. German Shepherd's are not the easiest to train but they are so smart. They are the most obidient companions when trained. If one of us is not in sight when we are with her, she is not happy. That's her job.
Now that the party's over, it is time to get back to our job this week and focus on the next round of work.


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