Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There are a lot of headlines in the news right now that catch my eye.

Gulf Oil Spill

Story after story from every angle. That Russian scientist's prediction this could go on for years is very scary.


Weather extremes from coast to coast. Is it global warming or cooling or just cycles? How does it affect me and my family? It is really stressing farmers out with lots of cash on the line, will the safety nets be needed and will they be enough if they are?


Supreme Court rules lower court is wrong on its decision to delay RoundUp Ready alfalfa. Biotech and glyphosate are really in the ag news right now. Many huge court decisions are happening or going to happen that are going to impact our future. Do we have the right justices in place?


You can feel the heat bulding for the November elections building already. Tea Party, Downsize DC, Republican, Democrat is ruling the news of who will rule.


Someone important is ill all the time whether it is your spouse or some famous person. A generation is passing right before our eyes and soon the WWII vets will be gone.


It's the economy, stupid, shouldn't this be first? Is it strong, is it weak? Have we borrowed too much money? This one impacts us all and determines what we do day to day. Some act like there is no tomorrow!

My headline is Winkle Struggles to harvest a crop and plant another. It is a day to day battle. We got most of the barley cut yesterday but got rained out harvesting and double cropping soybeans. Sable got scared when the storm blew through yesterday and knocked a panel out of the new screen door. It seems like that would be a headline somewhere if you watch much news!

The first day of summer came in more like the Lion of March here than a dog lazy day.

I wonder what today will bring?



  1. Its sure been an unusual year here too. Weather wise anyway. Spring started out dry and just kept getting wetter as time went on. Anyone that didn't get in the fields early did not get all their fields seeded and will either grow weeds for hay or summerfallow this year. Lawn mowers will work overtime keeping the grasss cut. At least its something to keep busy while waiting for the fields to dry. When will the rains stop?

  2. They will stop just when we need them Ralph and we might not be far away from that!