Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Day

Today is a big day. We put the final touches on the barn and property for the quilt barn tour tomorrow and Sunday.

It's been a lot of work but we take some pride on good work and sharing. Keeping this place up is a big job but we still enjoy it and feel humbled to be doing it.

More mowing needs to be done but everyone is challenged to keep up with mowing and spraying this year. Some buildings need some paint but that isn't on the high priority list just yet.

The good thing is I found another good helper in my desperation to get this done. I have to train him like all the others but he is hard working and trustworthy. Usually I train them and they move on up the ladder. That is OK. We all need stepping points in our career and growth path.

The waterways are not supposed to be mowed until July 20 to help some little critter that is nesting, I don't remember what species are included. I could have gotten special permission to mow as the fescue is in seed and there are noxious weeds present that could justify mowing.

We missed the barn consultant's talk in the city last night. We wanted to go but we were just two tired. By 7 pm on a good day we have finished dinner(or supper) and just watched the evening news as we take some rest.

I hope we get to see the other barn stops but I don't see that happening. Too much to do here and I could spend all day talking and looking at the other stops. A quick view and perception would be good information for the future, though.

We can't wait to see the oldest grandchild working in her new prairie dress and bonnet. It fits her blonde complexion to a Tee.

I am sure we will be more tired tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night.

I should have lots of material to share in the coming days.


PS Here is the text of the local advertizement:

The Hadley Farm, located at 1133
Lebanon Rd., Clarksville, will be depicting
the 1860’s. Horse drawn wagon rides and
tours of the historic 200 yr old home are
among the interesting activities here. The
Springfield Friends Meeting will have snacks, and CC
Historical Society will have bicentennial merchandise.

The Winkle Farm, at 3308
Martinsville Rd., Martinsville,
will have artists who will be
demonstrating spinning, weaving
and rug hooking and will have
merchandise for sale that reflects the textile arts
from the early 1800’s with help from the
Wilmington FFA.

Stokes Berry Farm will host an Ice Cream Social
just like the early 1900’s at their farm located at
2822 Center Rd. supported by the CC Leadership

The Murphy Homestead, at 2846 Starbuck Rd., will have a
display of antique farm machinery. Enjoy these old “Johnny
Poppers” as they plow, disc and plant like they did in the
1940’s. Listen to the music of the Big Bands as you enjoy a
picnic lunch provided by the Red Cross.

And groove into the 1970’s at the Fliehman Farm at 13422 E St Rt 22 & 3,
Sabina. A petting zoo and quilting demonstration are among the things you will see representing that era in Clinton County.

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