Monday, June 21, 2010


It was a hot Father's Day. Looks like a week or more of hot weather coming, too. Barley harvest is rounding up here and time for wheat, a bit early this year. These pop up showers will rule the work.

Liam and I had a blast as usual, it was good to see him. The new baby is coming along well and Caolin is pretty as a picture. Each child has their own unique characteristics and I love them all.

Trying to figure out what to cut first and how to get it there and see how they grade it while keeping Sable out of trouble.

We planted some new apple trees and she must be short of nutrients, she wanted to eat Tree Toner. She sure doesn't look like she is missing anything!

She sure is a winter dog, she doesn't like this hot weather and she is such a companion she just wants to be close although she is panting. Lots of water and sunblock this week is needed for sure!

Had a surprise visit from my sister and brother in law, what a treat! We will have to get back down there and see her new brood when we get this next big chore done.

The crop is all over the board from good to ugly. The excess water is taking and going to take its toll. Somehow we have to remain cool and collected through all of this.

It's a new, different and uncertain year, for sure!

I had some good pictures to post but it was so hot the camera label got over the tip of the lense and ruined them! You think I would have seen that?

Uh oh, I see showers already north of here on the radar!


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