Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's 1810

Today it is 1810 on this farm. I keep trying to remind myself. Our new friends from Blanchester are here to set up the rug hooking displays. Sabe let us know, good dog.

Sable's had her one year checkup yesterday a little late. Her vet said she is beautiful, well behaved and very healthy. We already knew that. "That will be $177 please." That is as much as my own physical last month! I should have listened to the folks that wanted me to be a veterinarian, now that is a laugh out loud.

I wonder how many people will visit it today? The committee's guess is 300 to a thousand people. That is a wide variation. The answer is no one knows as it has never been done before.

It is going to be challenging to pretend to be 1810 today with all the newer technology everywhere. Electricity, plumbing, even a Port O Pot. I guess that thing is as close to 1810 as anything. They still smell.

The fellow brought it in yesterday and asked where do you want it? LuAnn says away from the house. His eyebrows raised and says my toilets don't stink! Yeah, right. A few uses of a Port O Pot and you know exactly what it is.

We took Madison to Charlie's Place in Sabina last night for something to eat. She loved her pizza and at half my Saratoga Chips. We watched TV and talked until 10 and went to bed. Maybe they went to bed in 1810 because it is finally dark? The longest day of the year is only 10 days away and my early beans are not far from flowering.

Ranger Ted from AgTalk and his wife travelled from Montpelier Indiana to visit. We had a nice chat in the barn while it rained. I am sure we have over half an inch but my cousin from New Richmond emailed and said her scouting camping was cancelled as they had 4-5 inches an hour southwest of us and she would like to visit also.

Jim Ranz, WD8LRF and his wife stopped for a visit and brought me a CD of 3 shots each of the 54 barns in the county so we put it on the laptop for everyone to see.

Time to get going again, will update more if possible.



  1. We had a good day today with children, grandchildren and neighbors and old friends.