Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We were so blessed to get rain again this weekend. This farm had 1.2 inches in one gauge, 1.5 in another and 2 inches in another. Some had 3-4 inches, most received around an ince.

This wheat is in the hands of the miller who will mill it into flour for Nabisco and beome Oreo cookies and the like. That field is sprouting double crop soybeans today, the earliest I have got that accomplished. This weather is 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule.

I like the old windmill in the background, I got a few pictures of it Saturday. The weather is a lot less oppresive than it was Saturday. The rain broke that heat wave and the cooler weather is here.

I have met so many new people this last week with the harvest, grain delivery, soybean planting, and just driving from one place to the other. The chemical tuck driver was raised on a dairy farm near Wooster and we knew some of the same people. He was another displaced driver from the closing of DHL.

One man I met had just lost his wife, both in their seventies, and is taking it very hard. I pray for the greiving and confused people of the world.

The longer you work with the same person the more you get to know one another. I reinforced the fact that I live in a very good place and work with very good people I like.

I was invited to speak and participate in midsouth meeting next month and it will be a great opportunity to meet more people and learn and share ideas. One thing is for sure, I don't miss classroom teaching anymore, paid my dues and glad I turned it over to the younger generation.

I think all of you younger folks are doing a good job and I wish you well.

In two days it is July, this year is just flying by too quickly. I hope we can see some of the family this weekend.


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