Thursday, June 24, 2010


Pray for little Harper, please. Her grandpa is farmer and I think grandpa is pretty worried over her.

"Saturday, June 19, 2010 12:17 PM, CDT
Wow, summer is flying by outside this all too familiar hospital window! Today, we find ourselves anxiously awaiting 7pm so that we can be discharged and go home!Last weeks hospital stay of 6 days ended with a Harper's broviac:( Her IV line came disconnected from her broviac and when a nurse was flushing her line it popped!! Most likely it was twisted and kinked from her many movements but nonetheless the rest of that night was nothing short of traumatizing for Harper and I. We had to call the IV team for a repair.....yep that's the 4th repair to her line...unbelievable! Surgery was called in to check out the repair and considered booking her for a surgery to put a whole new line in but we decided NO WAY were we doing that at this time. She has enough going on and every single repair has been due to someone at the hospital breaking it...not Harper or I.

we'll see how this 4th repair holds up and deal with it as long as we dont have any infections in it.We were able to be home for 5 whole days before returning for chemo this last Wed and my did Harper rebound!!! She was so hyper and happy about everything all day! We spent alot of time outside splashing in grandma's pool (just the toes, she cant swim due to the broviac) and playing with cousins. Her personality and verbal skills really seemed to further develop which makes it very difficult to bring her back here for more toxic waste

She has actually done extremely well with this round of chemo compared with the nightmare 3 weeks ago. We started her on the Ativan and other anti-nauseau meds before the chemo was ever started and continued them around the clock. This definitely seemed to help her in a big way! She has puked a couple times but mostly just felt really icky and gaggy.

We are planning to do the CT scan in 2 weeks to evaluate the tumor size and will decide from there rather to continue these drugs or make changes in the plan or move forward with a stem cell transplant.....nothing is black and white....mostly a "wait and see" sort of thing.The last several weeks have been nothing short of exhausting in every way shape and form for our entire family.

Many of you have relentlessly remained close to our side and assisted in all ways imaginable. Laughs, food, cards, emails, calls, and simple "here if you need me"'s mean so much to all us. THANK YOU! Keep the prayers and support coming! Your efforts are proving to do wonders for Harper's treatment and our sanity!"

These little ones really tug at your heart strings. We cut 5000 bu of wheat yesterday between showers. Barley is done, wheat is start, double crop soybeans going into the ground.

Had some beautiful photo op's yesterday but wouldn't you know I forgot the camera. Gleaner R-65, 72 and 75 all running on the same ridge. Beautiful music.

We survived the heat and Who's Place in Greenfield will bring food to the field.


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