Saturday, June 26, 2010

Don't Fall

Two of my elderly lady friends fell this week. One is out the hospital and in a nursing home and the other is using a walker. I hope they can recover to some sort of resemblance of a regular life. Falling down in elderly people is a big problem and often a major change in lifestyle.

The corn market fell down too as corn made a key reversal in the market this week. Crop conditions and weather is about our only hope on this crop for a decent price this year. I still have hope because this crop has lots of holes in it and other market factors could go either way. The crop report on Wednesday will have bearing on the price for awhile until the truth hits the market and that may take many months.

My tallest beans got sprayed so I hope they can make their full potential now. That is one field and it feels like one small step for one man but a giant leap in his work getting done.

We should be able to finish wheat harvest and double crop planting today. I can deliever beans Monday if I can get them out of the bins and we are down to the shoveling and bin sweep part to clean them both out so next week is booked already and that is job one now.

Everything needs to sprayed and mowed after that. My corn is laid by for the year, it is tall and everything has been done and one field of beans. Now every other field gets attention and that is all but six fields. There must be over twenty, I haven't even figured that up.

I signed up for faster DSL speed and online backup yesterday so maybe I will get our computer systems back to full efficiency again. Everything got so slow this week I had to do something.

We went to a big hogroast last night with 150 people and enjoyed the fireworks afterwards on a beautiful summer night. I was almost too tired to enjoy it but it was really good. I met a young man from the local Deere dealership and we graduated from the same high school and knew many of the same families. His wife had just taken a job with one of my grain buyers. It is really a small world when you get to know people.

Working around this heat is no small task the past two weeks. Hope you get rain if you need it and it stops if you don't.


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