Thursday, June 17, 2010

Midwest Blog

Thanks to the help of my soil lab I was able to transform the picture on the right to the picture on the left! Pretty amazing, isn't it?
When you have your nutrient load in order it is easier for God and man to take something bad and make it good.
No the pictures were not taken in quite the exact same spot but I will do that. I forget to take pictures and say oh I have to get pictures then take a bunch and forget them again but you get my drift. That field had a huge change thanks to favorable weather activating my plan. Midwest Labs provides me information that is key to my plan.
The postmaster asked me yesterday why she couldn't grow the tasty sweet corn her dad did. We didn't have time to explain it all but I offered her a soil test and recommendation. Then I pull leave tissue like my crew is doing right now between jobs and fine tune my nutrient load.
I got a real good report back yesterday on our beautiful bean field. Everything was Sufficient except for K or Potassium which is Sufficient to High, a good place to be on this soil and the Boron that works in conjuction with it was slightly above normal plant needs. The copper was low though so I will add some copper sulfate in the next fertilizer to address that issue.
I got a less than desirable report back on my wheat which is low in K and Boron even though I put it on. My supplier and I have to figure out what happened.
If you watch RFDTV on satellite, record the AgPhD program. Darren and Brian just did a good piece on nutrient load. I hope Darren's blank slate farm is working out as well as our new farm. The corn on the left looks more like it. I enjoy Darren and Brian every week as we think very similarly although we are states apart.
I am meeting with Soil and Water Conservation, NRCS this morning to sign up for Conservation Security Program. Now even I can get rewarded for practicing what I preach across the country on my talks. No one likes government or paperwork intervention but if they want to reward me for doing a good job saving and build soil and protecting our environment for the future generations, I would be a fool not to participate.
When I logged into Midwest Labs website I saw someone at the lab has started a new blog, right down my alley. Take a look and see what you think. They have an interesting piece on McDonald's nutrition information and even though we don't eat there we know the grandkids love to go.
The air finally cooled off last night so we have nice weather again today but it is going to get muggy again. One of those muggy Ohio summers is with us again. Many compare the weather and grain markets to 1983 and I sure hope it doesn't mimic that with no rain the rest of the summer. The markets, yes they can go up like they did in 83.
You know we love our cake and eat it, too.


  1. Google formatting just drives me crazy somedays. Can anyonetell me why it reverts back to single spaced paragraphs?

  2. Ed
    Thank you for the comments regarding the analysis you received at Midwest Laboratories and reference to our blog site. We appreciate clients like yourself who share this information with others like yourself.

    Thank You!

    Brent Pohlman
    Midwest Laboratories

  3. Brent, I chose your lab because your soil test was closest to the analysis of the Ohio State OARDC REALab I had used all my life until it was closed. I have not been disappointed. Your soil and plant results are crucial to my and many farmers decisions that support our financial performance.