Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bold Fresh

We went to Columbus yesterday for the Bold, Fresh Tour by O'Reilley and Beck for our 45th anniversary. Yes, that is nine years times the factor of five we have lived those years.

We had dinner at the Japanese Steak House on High Street near the Nationwide Arena. It was as good as ever but downtown has changed so much over the years. The Char Bar was still there though like it was in 1968.

We were approached by people handing out flyers and we assumed they were protestors. They weren't. They were advertizing conservative websites and talk shows and related things.

The program started a few minutes late because of the traffic jams in the city from the President being there to comment on his government stimulus projects there. Betty, who we ate dinner with didn't go home after work at Majestic Paint company and had dinner while the traffic eased up.

We had a great conversation and learned she had just lost her 44 year old daughter to cancer after losing her brother and sister to it. She and her son are the last family members remaining. She commented she prayed she would be with good people for dinner and so it was. That alone was worth the trip.

The Chalk Board was introduced first then its operator, Glenn Beck. With lots of humor he showed the circle including George Soros, CAPS, two brothers, BP, our President and the proposed drilling twice as deep as Gulf well off the coast of Brazil. He also showed how it was being funded. The talk was very revealing yet light with humor as this kind of thing has been going on forever.

He went on his tyrade about Woodrow Wilson as "the most evil president in history, so far..." and how we got out of the 1920 and 1946 Depressions.

Then Bill O'Reilly came out while Beck went backstage and he is as tall as they say he is. With a black beard and tophat like Lincoln, he would make a good impersonator. His best impersonation though was step two of the presedential folly he described when James Carville did the piece "we are dying down here."

Then there was a 15 minute intermission and they both sat on stage for a question and answer session where they really picked on each other but supported each other's principles.

It was FOX News live and it was good. It was really good to be with an arena full of people who see problems like we do.

Nothing will change unless we change it. I see change coming this fall.

Ed Winkle


  1. "I see change coming this fall."

    Let's all pray that's true.

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  3. Don't know if it cn be enough soon enough Gorges. We have really fallen on hard times and the sin of a few is being paid by many. I guess we can do is keep our own house in order. So much is out of our control we must control what is in ours.