Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today we met with our last farmers before leaving Hamilton. One farmer and his son brought a soil chemist with double PhD's. The subject matter got busy in a hurry!

Planter setup, fertility management and cover crops brought lots of attention here just like home.

Tonight we went up in the Sky Tower in Auckland. It is 1,076 feet tall and has the plexiglass you can walk over and see the streets below. LuAnn had mentioned this winter she wouldn't get near it when we saw it on a travel program.

We thought about the Eiffel Tower, Toronto Tower, Empire State Building, Chicago Tower and Sky Needle in Seattle we have seen. The Gateway Arch is still one of my favorites in good ole St. Louis.

Time to get ready to go home and back to work and pay the bills.

This job was a lot of fun and so revealing and educational.

Just Perfect!


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  1. Thanks for the excellent field days, Mike, friends forever as you said.