Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday in New Zealand

Yesterday we watched the Ohope Surf Rescue competition. It was quite a sight.

They launched off three teams at one time past three bouys and then they raced back to shore.

We had breakfast at a cafe beside the beach and talked with the locals. More long black coffee for me.

It is a beautiful beach I hope you can all see someday if that is your desire. It wasn't in my plan of teaching notill corn but it just happened along the way.

Many good things happen the same way.

I have more detailed notes on LuAnn's laptop but it is there I am here.

LuAnn just emailed them to me:

Today we walked to the Ohope Beach outside our room and watched some of the New Zealand Surf Rescue competition. Groups of surfers would take off at the gun and paddle around 3 bouys in the sea and race back to shore. They were divided by age and male/female. Talk about a bunch of buff Kiwi’s!

We had breakfast on the beach and talked to the locals. That is always good fun.

I wrote a couple of blogs and checked email before the connection died. Then we went to the I center or Information center where we had a better connection. LuAnn shipped her new piece of old English furniture, a fireplace quilt stand and shopped for reading material. She is a voracious reader.

By then it was lunch time and we had lunch a café on the street. Then we headed for a farm on the coast where we had been invited for tea. I wasn’t sure which farm it was so we stopped at a kiwi orchard and they told us it was their neighbors and gave them a call. Send them over they told us!

We had a good chat with David and Kate and son Michael. We showed pictures off LuAnn’s new Lenovo until the battery died over tea and cakes. Then David and Michael gave me a whirlwind tour of their farm in their little 4 door diesel Toyota pickup or ute as they call them.

We walked some maize and I saw all their fields. 1500 hectares of maize, 600 ewes and 100 hectares of kiwi fruit right along the south Pacific. The view from their living room is truly amazing. I know no-till would help their erodible hillsides above the beach and increase their maize production. They had tried it but couldn’t make it work and now erosion is taking its toll.

We had some of Mike’s famous watermelon before leaving and more when we got back to the apartment.

We said our goodbyes and went back to Ohope where we walked the beautiful beach. We had dinner at another café in walking distance and came back to the apartment to catch Australia’s Sky News and finished watching Julie and Julia on DVD.

Tomorrow we head for Gisbourne and have three more talks before heading back to the states next weekend.

What a trip!

Ed and LuAnn

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