Friday, February 26, 2010


We were talking about New Zealanders having more or less freedom than we do.

After listing some things, we came to the conclustion they may have more.

They basically have no military but are pretty isolated as far as getting attacked or taken over by anyone.

They have personal, financial and religious freedom. They sure have freedom of speech. You should hear their commentators just attack politicians then they both say thank you and sign off. It sounds hostile sometimes but it ends friendly.

They don't have near the beauraucracy we have, in fact very little if any compare to us. You wouldn't think so talking to a Kiwi, they think they have too much!

They don't have the big corporations monopolizing their country's business and economy like we do. And their weather and climate, their soil, their rolling hills to graze. It looks more like utopia to me!

I think they have more freedom and I think they will keep it.

We met young people today that didn't know where New Zealand is or if it even existed!



  1. Freedom only works for a people willing to take personal responsibility for their lives. I fear too many people in the U.S. have lost the spirit that caused our country to be founded in the first place. I hope the Kiwi's never lose their self-reliant spirits.

  2. Amen! America is at a turning point, I pray we turn back to the right direction.