Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tea Drinkin' Kiwi's

LuAnn and I have become tea drinking kiwi's. That is a compliment to our new friends. Tea helps digestion and makes you feel good. LuAnn had already pretty much switched from coffee to tea and it is natural to do so here.

The coffee is strong like Europe. You sip it, not a 32 ouncer like some American's do.

The toilets have a half flush button and full flush button, very cool. The faucets are simple, old fashioned but classy. Everything is smaller here.

We had a good visit near Ashburton today. We visited farms and talked to farmers and seedsmen. Of special interest was the radishes. Their valley is about the same size and soil and weather as the Willamette Valley in Oregon which we visited in August.
They know more about grazing and endophytes in grass than anyone I have met. That is their industry, they had to learn. The grazing and grazing seed industry is huge in New Zealand and very important.

I can see more and more how the Tillage Radish will help us in America. More crop due to relief to compaction, nutrient scavaging, less pests and many other reasons.

We will be planting more.

This is truly another opportunity of a lifetime, the trip and better farming practices.


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