Monday, February 22, 2010

More on Monday

13 hours of driving, field days and one farmer visit today. More when I get time!

This motel just had a shower curtain over a drain, no ledge or stall. Hose it down and your done. The showers have been good, mostly European style. The water is soft, some of the most mineral free water in the world. Someone said NZ had the fifth best water supply in the world but I don't know who did that comparison.

Most of the urinals you stand up on a ledge into a trough, usually stainless steel if its public. I like the two speed toilets, half and full flush.

TV is limited but they don't watch much. They are outside all day. Internet is slow and pricey and there are efforts to change that. Rates have varied from $5 to $25 per day and only one Wifi spot found out in the country where we have travelled and worked.

The talk at David Clark's was just like being home with Mike Clark and his son David. Similar equipment, practices and mannerisms. Top notch operation and we went into detail on notill planting.

It was good!


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