Friday, February 12, 2010

Kiwi Speak

We love the new Kiwi terms we have learned this week:

Don't flush the nappies or diapers down the toilet. The toilet has two speeds, half flush and full flush.

Do you want that for takeaway? Take out food.

Bap is a type of roll, e.g. I had a breakfast sandwich on a delightful bap. They don't pick it up to eat it either, fork and knife in hand at all times.

Weather is fine instead of sunny.

Blimey, that was a good ride. I think that is my vernacular for darn that was a wild ride.

Yield sign is give way in Kiwi. Probably English too, much of the language is.

Country is full of roundabouts and walkabouts. Walkabout before you back up, get out and walk around your vehicle.

Flat black is stong, black coffee, white coffee frothed with milk.

Signal back is call me back.

Ring me instead of call me. The telly is the telephone.

Shuttles are nice and less expensive than cabs. The bus driver said ring yourself a shuttle to the airport, don't take a cab unless you have to. One cab in front of us had $4 rang up on it before it left the airport. The bus driver dropped us off right at our motel. It is motel here, not cheap motel versus hotel in the states.

They basically don't watch TV so they keep to themselves but know the world news before we do. The newspaper is very wide and still very read.

They pay Internet by the gigabyte, not the minute or month.

These people have it right. The obituaries show they often live to 90 years old!



  1. Language has always interested me, particularly word origins in the English language. Besides hearing of lories and lifts and the common things a lot of us know about, the brit at work occasionally asks for a "throat sweep" (cough drop).

  2. sidewalk is foot path
    windshield is windscreen
    gas is petrol
    oil is lube
    tire is tyre

    Lots of English slang!