Friday, February 19, 2010

Long Black

I had a long black coffee this morning. You can order a short black, a long black, a short white with milk in it and every kind of coffee you can think of. Tea is their specialty.

Evening tea is dinner. Last night I had fish and chips and they put two big shiney eggs on my fish. Never saw that before. The salads are always tasty and this one had different lettuce, beets, carrots, onion and sprouts. They sure make good dressings and sauces in NZ.

We are on the Ohope Beach this weekend where the national lifeguard surfboard trials are being held. I was told Shania Twain owned a nice place on down the coast but lost it in divorce. Apartments here are $400,000 on up.

I met two farmers who invited me over for tea and I think I will try and see them today. They had some hard questions on notill so they must face some real challenges.

The little Carrolla really seems to sip the fuel, haven't spent much on petrol. Good thing at $1.72 per litre. I can almost drive on the wrong side of the road now without fear. Almost.

Looks like there will be some meltoff at home this weekend with a predicted 40 degrees but I hope it is slow so we don't get flooding.

Darrel Bruggrink at just posted my New Zealand no-till blog. I can't copy and past it on this computer and you have to register at their site to read content.


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