Monday, February 8, 2010

New Zealand TV

Today we spent most of our time filming a segment for New Zealand TV channel 99.

Even the producer noticed the soft no-till soils and he said he has been in many maize or what we call corn fields and never saw one that soft on the feet. I thought we were in one of the harder end rows!

We showed what my host friend's corn planter and resulting corn looked like. It is an excellent crop but we spent the afternoon diagnosing a few trouble spots and how to avoid them in the fields. They call fields paddocks because fields are smaller here and New Zealand is a livestock country with many small paddocks but some large fields, too.

Brian and David, crop consultants and I our hosts walked and analyzed the crop and soil quality. You can see the soil really improving after three crops of no-till corn.

I even got a picture of one of the farm cats and it is half lynx!

What a day of questioning and exchange about crop production!

Whew, we are both tired. It is after 8 pm here Monday evening.

Looks like the Saints won the Super Bowl and the East Coast and our home is freezing!

It has been as high as 90 degrees here but it doesn't feel like it.

What an island paradise!


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