Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dinner With Strangers

When you are traveling, you meet many new people everyday.

We have met many already on this journey. We met many new folks last week and three became friends. Of course I had already met my host in the states but I had not met his family and none of them had met LuAnn.

Tonight everyone wanted to eat outdoors at the restaurants and cafes. We invited two English couples to eat with us and they had not met before either. We had a great conversation and two hours went by quickly. It is amazing how much in common we all have even in foreign lands.

This morning we met a nice couple from Sydney. We got to talking about the rented beehives for pollination we had both seen across the country and the various bee problems around the world.

First we had the Africanized bee, then the Varroha mite and now hive collapse. This threatens the pollination of our food crops.

I told her she sounded like a scientist and I said she said no, she was a female with common sense. She got me on that one! We all had a good laugh. I told her I was putting it on my blog today, she got a kick out of that.

Strangers quickly become friendly. It is a natural bonding process. They are always interested in the farming industry but we kept this conversation very non-farming. That is difficult for me to do sometimes!

I really never met anyone I couldn't talk to and most end up being quite friendly. I have always tried to be. I am probably the most worldy person of my family and I imagine my dad's family was much the same way. Mom's family is too, they talk to me more than they do her.

I like meeting new people. I like learning about them and they always seem interested in my own interests and my vast background of learning and traveling and sharing. I guess that is what makes me tick. It is easy to see that from my 15 year history on the Internet.

Thanks to the Internet the world has really gotten got much smaller even though the population keeps growing.


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