Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a Dog!

My friend Ray near Olathe Kansas sent me a video from the Texas Country Reporter that shows a dog the likes I have never seen or heard! Watch out Sable, and Rin Tin Tin! Lassie, beware!

The dog is named Skidboot and wandered across the path of a cowboy named David Hartwig. You MUST click on Skidboot and start watching the video, his website and related links.

I don't see his path in the future for Sable and me. She is doing well and growing so fast. Her manners are improving but she still has a lot of puppy in her.

Sable was pretty good with Madison and Brynn yesterday. She is just so big and awkward right now, still graceful off her hind legs though for a German Shepherd growing so quickly.

If she misbehaves, we try and show her what she did wrong and how to improve. She then gets sullen and goes for her crate. We pat her and shut the door with calm voices. Brynn puts her hands on her cheeks and asks "is Sable in time out?" Yes, Brynn, she is in time out. Can she have toys? Do you get toys in time out? She hangs her head and says no in a sad voice.

It seems to be working pretty well. She still makes a mess on the porch and we are trying to work on that but she isn't chewing up valuables. You can just find her chew toys, sticks, logs and the like laying around the yard. I will have to be careful each mowing this summer.

Not much I can say about Skidboot but Oh My! You really have to give that Australian cattle dog a look. Maybe you have heard of him and as much as I watch RFDTV I would have thought I would have by now. But I haven't, so here he is again.

It is just amazing how a dog could change a man's life like Skidboot did for David. Dog is surely man's best friend!

A Blessed Lenten Sunday to you all.


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