Saturday, March 21, 2009



Spring is officially here at 7 something if you are of the precise nature. Just the opposite for all my friends “down under.” Sometimes I think they are really “on top.”

March Madness is one of our favorite things to watch. Our DVR will be filling up fast if we don’t delete as we go.

Wasn’t too many surprises yesterday, probably will be more today. Illinois proved they were the weak number 5 seed many agreed on. Some games were close and pretty good but no really big surprises like past years.

UCLA edged it out and Butler went down like I was afraid they would. I was rooting for the underdog. You just never know when you put unlike or little known teams together.

That is appropriate for work, marriage, even mixing crop chemicals together. You have a hunch what will happen but often you are surprised.

I guess the weather and the economy are the big unknowns to farmers and every day people like you and me today. We can only do so much with either one.

The Democrats are fighting among themselves and El Nino is fighting La Nina and vice versa. Who wins will affect our outcome.

Me, I am just hoping for enough rain this year to raise a crop and try and make a profit against all odds. I hope the economy stays strong enough to bring a decent price before or after harvest. Harvest looks like lows again this fall but who really knows. Too many variables!

Lots of spraying and fertilizing and some tilling happened this week. This was one of the few years you could plant early garden around St. Patrick’s but I didn’t see many doing it. I guess most agree there are plenty of weather changes left before mainstream planting time.

Most of us are trying to do it once and do it right. Just like the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, do your best on the appointed day.

Got to give it to Sienna. They are one scrappy team. I doubt either could beat Louisville but at least we will find out for one of them. That was one crazy, sloppy game where two unlike's were trying to overcome the style of the other the whole game.

My goal is not to be crazy or sloppy today. Time is too short for that.

Ed Winkle

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