Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2

OK, that was enough Lion for me! I said it looked like March wasn't coming in like a lion but after two days of high wind and artic cold, that was plenty!

This is the most wood I have burned since January 1978 but we had record snow that year that came with the blizzard. I will take this year over that one but it still has been cold.

But it has been just warm enough the doctors have been busy with people catching all kinds of bugs on the temperature swings. Seems like we have been in or out of the common cold all winter.

Two years ago LuAnn and I were in Paris. 60 years ago this week mom and dad were married. The war was over, soldiers were back home building new lives and the baby boom was well on its way. I became a member of that generation.

I wonder what it was like? Probably a lot of the problems and uncertainty we face today. But everything was so much simpler and it took so fewer dollars to do the same thing we do today. It might be higher tech and faster but that just complicates lives. You make one mistake today and you really pay for it!

I think a lot of people are wondering what they are going to do after their money evaporated into thin air this past year. I would say most of us lost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars when you look at 401k, stock holdings, retirement funds. I wonder how stable my State Teachers Retirement Fund even is?

It seems like every family has a very ill person, many with cancer. There are four in my family alone. I don't think they are concerned about the stock market or their 401k right now, they are battling for life.

The best thing I can look at now is spring. Lent is in full swing as people look at what they have done and intend to do. When it is finished, planting time will be here. Farmers just want to plant. That is what farmers do. We plant seeds and wait for God to give us a harvest to share the rest of the year.

Crop insurance forms must be signed by March 16 so farmers and agents are busy wrapping up insurance plans. It looks like one of the best deals on the farm this year, using the government plan to minimize financial risk.

Much to do this first week in March as there will be every week this year.

What is on your to do list?


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