Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Fling

LuAnn and I had our little Spring Fling this week. We headed south last weekend when it was warm and getting warmer the farther south we went.

We saw trees still down in Kentucky from the record ice storm. We have had several "doozies" the past few years but not as bad as that. The one 30 miles south of here a couple of years ago was as bad but more isolated than this one. There is still plenty of trees down from the wind and ice and lots of stumps and logs cut up still lying there.

Kentucky was nice but Tennessee was beautiful. The spring trees are all out and we soon felt it with spring allergies. I think my spring allergies are worse than my fall allergies now and I have been affected by both all my life. Grain dust is the worst though, I really have to watch that. Hard to do when you love farming!

We shopped and walked and walked and realized how out of shape we became this winter. Couch potato symdrom took its toll this cold winter. Of course we are both a year older so you seem to feel the effects of aging a little more each year.

The Biltmore farm was ready to go to full bloom and everything looked so nice. No wonder so many from here and farther north retire in Tennessee or North Carolina or Virginia.

We drove the Bluegrass Parkway from the Smokies to Asheville and it was a beautiful day. Lots of hikers have left Georgia and heading north up the Appalachian Trail.

The trip was the break we needed. We should have taken a week but there is so much scheduled here. I am still dealing with paperwork involving this years crops. LuAnn's job changes almost daily.

I thought I might blog on the road but her laptop keyboard isn't familiar like this one. The letters are wearing off this one, good thing Miss Winkle covered our high school typewriters with tape and made us memorize the keys. I thought the class would help me through college but I never dreamed we would all use the keyboard so much later in life.

Two years ago I didn't know what a blog was and didn't care. Over that two years it has exploded and now people like me are writing when you might not expect them too.

I wonder how long Google keeps these pages up? I need to print what I have written and assemble a notebook like I have for religion class. Several of you mentioned I should write a book and I say I already am writing one page by page and story by story.

I need to force myself to learn more of the functions of this blog. I know it is a beginner's blog anyone should be able to use but you would be surprised the amount of people who are afraid to start, thinking they will make some mistake they can't fix or say something they will regret later.

Sharing your thoughts with the world sure makes you think before you hit the Publish Post key. Fortunately I haven't written a thing I am ashamed of because it all happened. Funny how the memory makes the good things better and maybe some of the bad things worse.

So we had plenty of time to talk about us, our family, our friends, the world and our ever growing prayer list. About the time I start feeling a little down I run into someone who has it much worse and I become more thankful for what I have.

This life is really about helping each other and we are being forced to work together more with this economy we have all gotten ourselves into. I guess I understand why my family was so conservative and just thankful for what they have or had.


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