Monday, March 16, 2009

Did You Know?

I just caught a link on NAT Cafe that pointed me to a You Tube video called Did You Know?

Take a look at it and post your comments. If you don't want to sign in to Google to post comments you can email me but I would like your take on the video.

I have watched these changes happen over my lifetime and here we are! Some people are shocked at the numbers it reveals but I guess I am not surprised and like one poster said, those might be conservative numbers since they are out of date already.

Who would have thought you would be reading a blog written by Ed Winkle? I didn't even know what a blog was not long ago and I didn't care. Several people helped get me interested and now I am a blogger and a blog reader.

There are lots of experience and good ideas here on the Internet and Did You Know? helps put that in perspective. That is why I asked for your take on the piece.

I haven't looked up the producers on Google yet but I will when I take the time to. Maybe you already have, thus my question. The video makes so much sense I haven't questioned their facts or motives.

Watching our own lives and family change so quickly is good proof to me. We had a great day with the grandkids yesterday but they and their parents have changed so much just in the short time I last saw them! It is easy to see in kids and puppies as they change before your very eyes.

Lots to be done so I better get going. My helpers are pulling soil samples right now while I finish up some grain marketing chores here. One marketer has a sell signal on corn and I am taking action.

Have a great day!

Ed Winkle


  1. Ed

    That video, or at least the original one from which this one is copied and jazzed up, is about four years old. Old news in management circles. But still interesting to say the least.

  2. I know, the new one caught my eye. Guess I had forgotten part of it. Some of us are 4, 14 or even 40 years behind. Does anyone still work all their ground for planting? They are few in Ohio. NoTill soybeans finally switching farmers over to notill but some still work corn ground. Everyone caught up in communications but missing the big message is not new either but more important than ever!