Friday, March 13, 2009

More T-22

I am getting lots of questions on T-22 again. It is a funny thing to me, it has been out over 10 years and I got so tired of talking about it I kind of quit doing it. That is, until I send out emails like I recently sent out with the above picture.

T-22 is trademarked and patented and stands for Dr. Gary Harmon's 22nd attempt of trying to cross a beneficial soil fungi from the south with one from the north. Number 22 hit and the rest is history.

You can read about it on the Internet and an earlier blog I wrote. The bottom line is it works so well for me I use it on everything I plant or transplant from trees to turnips, from corn to cabbage, from soybeans to spinach. It has that much of a positive effect on the plant season long.

Sometimes these biological effects have a synergistic effect with another product, in this case Gaucho XT from Bayer Plant Sciences, one of the best seed treatments available. We really don't know why because the effect is so complex. Dr. Harmon could probably figure it out and explain it but as a farmer I use it and as a consultant I recommend it. It is another great tool in my toolbox of treatments that sometimes make the difference in crop and no crop.

I am anxious to spend that two dollars an acre all over my farms and gardens. That will happen very soon. I just got a soil test back for a farmer that needs N, P, K, Ca, S, B, Zn, and Mn. That figures up to about $150 per acre at today's prices.

My attention to detail makes my $2 investment stand out compared to others. I remember the kids watching A Team which wasn't nearly as enjoyable as the Dukes of Hazard for me. I did like the part where George Peppard puffed on a big ole cigar and exlaimed "I love it when a plan comes together."

That sums it up!

Ed Winkle

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